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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Long Walk

Between walking Amber in the morning and a long trek in the afternoon, I covered close to 100 minutes on Sunday. The one nice discovery about walking is that I can do it every day if I so choose. I don't know if it helps my running but the idea is to burn some calories and keep my legs fit. When I get back to my regularly scheduled running, I would like to walk long on the intervening days if possible. I just don't know how it will effect my recovery.

Walking Amber is not optional. At 12 years old she needs the exercise and seems to just float through our 20-30 minute jaunts.

Walking these days reminds me of long slow distance back 25-30 years ago. No pressure or expectations and it doesn't leave me stiff and sore.

Note to to myself. This summer, 30 years ago I came out of the hills and with almost no speed work or racing ran a 9:44 two mile on the track in a Los Gatos all comer's meet. I also ran 18:21 on Farwell. Typically Walt added a second to my time so officially it is 18:22 but not in my running diary.

I always ran better on little or no speed work.

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