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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eked out 72 minutes

I eked out 72 minutes this morning at West Valley. Tom was on his bike and Danny slogged alongside me for much of the way. Tom did try a tennis court loop on his "new" foot but it didn't work out. The pain was still there. He stopped about at around a half mile. Tough deal for him. I think we all hoped that last week's cortisone shot would be magic but I guess at a certain point there is no more magic. Just slogging. Tom is heading off to China late next week so until then I think it'll be the bike, walking and no running until he gets back. My right foot cramped up a bit too but I did have the big massage yesterday and I had her work on the plantar and arch. It let up after a while I was able to run without discomfort.

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