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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

4:23 1200 meter


4:23 1200 meter trial. Reads like sub 6 minute mile potential.


It is all happening too fast. I wasn't supposed to here for months.


I may be one of the top dozen 60 plus milers in the NorCal right now.

OHHHHHHH! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

But I need to slow this down. I am moving way too fast. I need to be there next spring and there is the long cold winter in the way and I need to be smart about this.

In the meantime, 11 mile day. 4 in the AM and another 7 in the late afternoon with the 1200 meter trial. Dimitri led and Ray followed. If I am a low 6 minute miler right now, before the dark cold winter closes down on us, then I could be in the 5:40's by next summer.

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