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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Best ever again

Tuesday was a 60 minute slog. I admit to feeling a bit knackered. Tom and Danny felt the same.

Thursday's warmup was a continuation of that feeling.

Danny, Tom and I really felt sluggish during our warmup. What else is new? We decided to keep the workout reasonable. 8 x 400. The best I'd done in this workout recently was a 7:08 pace or around 1:47. 

Today was a bit different.

1:35 ( this was the only one where I crept over the top of my range. HRM hit 173)

1:40 average at 85-90 of max. We all shook our heads. This was a big breakthrough workout.

Drop the 1:50 and my average is 138. Danny was on my shoulder so he was the same.

Tom averaged 1:55. He's coming around.

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