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Thursday, November 09, 2006

10 mile day

I ran 5 miles Wednesday morning keeping the HR at or under 140. It was balmy. Incredible weather for November. The wind picked up throughout the day by the evening run it was in the high 50's but with a cold, sharp wind blowing. I ran another 5 miles with 3 miles on the track cruising an 8 minute pace, keeping my stride short and quick and running very compact.

My legs felt tight but not tired. I think it was the relative cold snap. I could have actually worn tights, gloves and a long sleeve short. Kathy, the long-legged, drink of a girl intimated I was a whimp. Can't say I don't agree with her. But I do believe you have to protect those legs or you are out of business.

There is something soothing in running in the dark around the track. I will have to figure that out one day.

Dimitri and I went up to The Diner and I had a big bowl of chili.

Danny didn't go again. The gap widens.

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