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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Life on hold

A very quiet day. It's like my life is on hold.

The only thing I "did" today was to go out and have lunch with Anne (formerly from the Labs at Sun). She was Rif'd in the last wave. All her underpinnings were knocked out. Ivan went to teach at UC and her job slowly became uninteresting so I am sure that over time she became a target. I've been there more than a few times.

We went to a Japanese place run by Koreans located in Los Altos. She wanted to pay but I told her the rule was she pays when she gets a job so for now, I pay. So we ate Bento Boxes and caught up on life. She seems sturdy enough but I will keep tabs on her until she lands somewhere. She tends to be a loner who inhabits dark places (like me). We socialize nicely but at heart we like our "dens".

The Wednesday night workout was strange. Ray cut out and didn't mention dinner. Probably because Dimitri (he of the 5:11 mile) wasn't there. Danny doesn't go out anymore in the evening. I think he is either tired of it or tired of balancing between me and Madelyn. There's a gap there where there wasn't one before. In any case our friendship isn't the same. It's broken just enough that we have spun off in our own directions.

I found myself finishing the workout and jogging off into the dark quietly with no good-byes. It felt right evn though it was weird. The Danny downhill is in several weeks and I am not sure will do it this year. Danny is not in sub five shape. Injuries and fat have slowed him down. Somehow sub-six doesn't seem that exciting. A friend knows when they are needed and when it is time to leave.

I think I need to leave for now.

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