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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Month of Terror

Cool and quiet this morning. I took off at around 10 AM and ran 5 miles at a very easy pace (again). This is a great time to run. The commute traffic has had time to bleed off and I am not dodging cars whipping around corners filled with desparate parents and half asleep kids.

In the evening I went to the club workout and warmed up for 2 plus miles with Dimitri and then ran two miles on the track in the form of 8 x 400 in 2 minutes each. My legs felt really loose and decent. I really can't complain. Not many people there. Thanksgiving tomorrow whcih means many of them are headed out of town or are entertaing family and friends. So begins the month of terror. Thanksgiving, XMAS and New Years. In another world I would disappear from town and go someplace where people didn't really care about the holidays and all the craziness that goes with it. Luckily Sue and Alex are low key about it so we work hard at keeping the stress to a minimum. I know Sue misses her family but whenever I say to her, let's go to Seattle, she makes it plain that the trip is not worth the cost.

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