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Sunday, November 12, 2006


This morning I drove up to SF with my buddy Shedon. We ran the DSE Embarcadero 10K which I decided to do at an AT effort. The conditions were just about perfect. Cool with a bit of a headwind going out and tail wind coming back. After running the previous two days I got about what I expected. Even though both previous days were easy runs of 4-5 miles my legs were still tired (and maybe my body too) because the first sign I had that I was not "with it" was that I could not get my HR up to 90%. It took 4 miles to finally get there. Now one might say "well you are in great shape and so it should be harder" but that is not the way it works for me. Usually it takes a mile or maybe a mile and a half but I was still in the low 170's at the turn around point and finally reached 180 because it simply was warmer heading back with a slight tailwind plus I was wearing a long sleeve cotten shirt. Generally my legs were tired while my breathing was OK throughout.

All in all I ran 45 minutes and change. If I age graded the effort it would have been like running a low 36 minute 10K at age 30. Maybe a minute or more off what I would consider to be par.

So what did I do that might have contributed to this sub par effort?

1. I ran 3 days in a row.

2. My sleep has been spotty. Several good night surrounded by nights where 6 hours was norm.

3. I ran too hard wednesday evening at the track. I did some grey area runs as Jack Daniels call them.

What do I plan to do about this?

Nada. It is what it is. I will get back on my program and try to stick with it.

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