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Sunday, March 11, 2012

5K Sub Tempo

Shel and I drove up to San Francisco to run the  DSE St. Patrick's Day 5K this morning.  It was typically overcast in the City. Rain or at least drizzle threatened. My plan was to get a good warmup and then run sub tempo effort. Sub tempo in my handbook is faster than training and slower than AT.

After twenty minutes of jogging we lined up. There was a larger than usual crowd (200 plus) for what basically passes as a well organized but low cost fun run. I took off mid pack. The trail along the bay was clogged and I was quickly swallowed  up by the back of the packers who had also moved up to get a good start. My bad, I guess. It took me about 600-800 meters to get out in the open.  My first mile was (((GAG))) somewhere around 8:30-9:00 minutes but then I started to run down around a 7:30 pace. Nothing spectacular but I gradually began to pass slower runners.  I closed things off in 24:55 for 5K (my time) . My legs were more tired than I expected but my breathing was fine. I easily chatted with several runners coming back.

Next time I start further up.

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