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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The usual WVC Run. The usual time (morning).

Danny was gone to Santa Cruz so Tom and I got very business like and went off strong from the beginning. It was cool and overcast and so my HR stayed down in the high 130's and low 140's most of the run. It did edge up to 150 several times but that was usually the result of some ghastly hill section.

But we moved along cranking out slow miles but faster than normal slow. In 60 minutes, according to Tom's GPS, we covered a half mile further than our best run last week. Same heart rate, same duration. Just further.


Of course I am being a bit facetious but frankly the run felt great. It felt like sub 7's did years ago. But of course we were a good deal slower than that.

With my ten minute shake down run, I covered 70 minutes.

Breakfast afterward with Tom and Jake.

Maybe we can bottle further

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