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Sunday, March 04, 2012

First AT Workout

I decided to do 1.5 miles of AT work in the form of 3 x 800. The plan was to stay in the 88-92 % range. Roughly this was a HR range of 174-178.

I drove over to Foothill and warmed up for 28 minutes running very easily with Dimitri. He has been dealing with a plantar issue but has been able to continue to run.

I then did several strides. I noticed that it was warming up. My guess was mid 60's.

We took off with me leading the way. We ran the first 800 in 3:33. My HR was around 85% at the finish. We stood around chatting until my HR dropped down to 70% and then took off and ran the second 800 in 3:42. This slowdown is normal due to the short rest. Each rep generally will be slower. But your body doesn't register pace. Only effort and given that my HR stayed around 90%, the effort was pretty much the same. Dimitri made the comment that we had had only a minutes rest between the first and second 800.

The HRM dropped down to 70% in less than a minute and so we launched the last one. This turned out go be the slowest yet. 3:50. All of them fell in the 85-90% range.

We jogged down for ten minutes and called it a morning.

For a first, post calf injury semi-tough workout I was ambivalent. It was about what I expected.

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