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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cold and windy

I drove over to WVC and ran various campus loops while the club ran  the tennis court loop (.66 miles)  as a relay. It was cold, windy and wet (really only drizzle).  Not wonderful conditions. I wanted to bail at 10 minutes but kept going until I had run 51 minutes. The last part of the run was a campus loop with Danielle, one of the runners I am coaching.

Injury update: My hammie and calf seem to be fine but I wore a Pro-Tec knee strap because my right knee has been sore. Strangely it does not bother me when I run so that is good. I feel it more around the house or walking.  I am sure a photo of this is already someplace in my blog. Every injury I get seems to be on my right side.

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