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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cold, Wind, Wet

I went out around 9 am. It was cold wet and windy. I ran over to De Anza to check out the track. It was ripped up as expected. Some of the old trees cut down. Sorry to see that. I ran slowly for 40 minutes eventually arriving back at the house. Then I put on my HRM and ran 4 x "around the block". I call it 400 but I am not sure. Maybe it longer. In any case with the cold weather, I found I coukd not drive my heart rate up past 160 on the first teo reps. Finally on the 3rd and 4th I got up around 166. That's about 80-82%. about ten beats below norm. Colder conditions tend to do that.

Anyway, the effort was there.

50 minutes total.

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