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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Film Crew Run

I drove over to Gunn High for the Juana Run. My job was to do some filming out on the course right around the two mile point. I did some running with Bob Anderson ahead of time and then ran out on the course. I found a great spot and filmed runners as they came by. I even laid down on the ground  on my back and shot the runners at an upward angle. Then I ran back to the finishing area. My total was around 45 minutes of running. Bob ran 33:13. A great race time for a guy in his age group.

It was strange being at the 8k today. Everyone was gearing up to race and all I could think of was getting out to the 2 mile point where I was going to shoot some video footage with a hand held mini cam. I was running the course and thinking that I felt really good about not having to race this morning.  Not one of the course monitors mistook me for the lead runner. I was first cameraman. That they understood.

The start of the race from a prior year.

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