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Saturday, December 10, 2011

50 minutes and some insights

Got out early this morning. It was {{{cold}}} and I opted to wear my compression tights to protect my legs. Ended up running over at West Valley with the club. 50 minutes total. I did have a slight feeling of tightness in the left hammie but after about 15-20 minutes that went away. The run was pain free. I tried the Kinesio Tape for the first time but it wouldn't adhere to my leg and I finally ended up dumping it. Obviously I need to figure out what the problem is. Dunno. Shave the injured area?

I was listening today at breakfast while two long term runner friends talked about the loss of strength in their legs. I don't doubt this. I have noticed it too.

Things I have found

I can't run back to back days except maybe once a week. If I run back to back, one of those days is usually half the time of the other day.

I generally need total days off in between runs. It is better to add running time to my run days then run so called recovery runs in between.

I have to run really easy except for one day a week. So running "as I feel" is a trap. If I do this I will end up tired. 

When I was out running with Bob Anderson, it wasn't my legs that bothered me. It was me not being used to running along at a strong effort. But I can't train myself for this. Just do more runs like it every other week. Otherwise if I make a weekly thing, it will tear me down.

I recently found out that if I train for the 800, I cannot rely on 200's. Oh, I can do them but they have caused several mild hamstring problems. So now I have to train longer reps off pace. So instead of worrying about getting my 400 down to 72, I am really going to focus on running 82's (slower than pace) for longer distances. I'll probably also do more mile pace and tempo work.

The one thing I have found is that constant repetition of training that tears you down is insanity.
I have to accept that I need to constantly adjust until I am out of options. When that day comes, I won't be running anymore. 

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