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Monday, December 05, 2011

On the edge with Bob

Ran this morning with Bob Anderson. I jogged the streets around my house for ten minutes to shake things out and drove over to Bob's house.

The 6 mile run, to say the least, was a great deal faster than I usually run. I was hanging on to Bob's shoulder from the get go. Now I know why he can beat the crap out of me in a race. It was a revisiting of the Jake-John-Dave effect of 35 years ago. These guys simply trained faster. So does Bob.

Anyway, the course was mostly a gradual uphill for three miles but regardless of the pace, I hung on and was able to actually "talk". After three miles it was more down hill than up and I seemed to feel stronger. I just hung on by my neck until we hit the finish in 49:15. I asked Bob what time he usually runs the course in.

Oh, he said. Two minutes faster.


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