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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A cold one

When someone says they want a cold one, I would tell them to show up at West Valley "cool"-ege

At 8:30 on a week day morning. I met up with Tom and ran 60 minutes. I already had ten in the bank so I hit 70 total.

It was frosty (30's) but we persevered. The problem with a slow pace is that it takes longer to warm up. As Tom and I were running he looked down at his GPS watch and exclaimed, "Oh good. An eleven minute mile pace!"

I told him to count minutes not miles. Eleven minutes is eleven. Your body doesn't care. It registers duration, not distance. Of course secretly the idea that we were running that slow horrified me. It also made me want to laugh. In a few years we'll be running slower.

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