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Thursday, December 08, 2011

70 minutes on ice

Ran an easy 70 minutes this morning around West Valley College and the surrounding neighborhood. My friend Tom ran most of the way with me. My hamstring did not seem to be an issue unless I started to push, so I kept things on the conservative side. There was one point with about ten minutes to go where I felt the hammie spasm so I broke into a walk. It didn't last long though. After about 30 seconds I started to run again. The spasm subsided and I ran on to the finish. No problems!

I know I am going to have to take easy for awhile until it heals up. Good opportunity to do some base building and also to run some hills.

It was cold ( for Saratoga ). High 30's and low 40's but after the mist burned off it was really sunny. Wore two layers on top and high tech gloves. Probably should have worn tights.

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