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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recovery Plan 9 from outer space

I have not run since that moment on Sunday that I felt a stab of pain in my right calf. I went to see my chiro (Big Bad Billy) on Monday who adjusted the leg and the ankle. Within an hour I was no longer limping. Yesterday I walked for an hour on the track at WVC. not a glimmer of pain. I believe this is what is called walking on a controlled surface.

Bill recommended no running for a week. I am also scheduled to go back up Tuesday and get deep tissue massage from one of his folks. This type of injury is the result of years and years of running. Scar tissue builds and it is tough to break it up. The stick massage I was doing was helping but obviously not enough. Stretching is out of the question. I have iced (a lot).

When I come back I'll stay on the flats and do my calf heart attack approach. I walk and run starting with about a half hour and gradually build up the time I run versus the time I walk. I plan to include a leg massage as part of my regular program in the hopes that I can buy myself some more running time.

My 800 meter program is wrecked. Probably no longer can do 800 meter paced reps. That time is past. What I have to figure out is what can I do????

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