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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I showed up at the club workout and ran an easy thirty minutes with almost no walking breaks. It was cold out (low 40's at best) so I wore my compression tights. The calf held up very well. No real problems. The club was running 5K on the track so I was able to catch up with people including Dwight Cornwell and Bill Dunn. I'll run another 30 minutes on Sunday and return for a second massage Monday morning.

As John Parker said in his article about calf heart attacks:

"Step 5. After a week of the medicinal workouts, try a short, very gentle run of three to four miles, on as flat a surface as possible. As always, if your calf gets numb or the sharp pain reappears, stop immediately and walk back. Remember the cyclical nature of this injury. Keep adding to your mileage and intensity day-by-day, but be ready to retreat at the first sign of trouble. After a few such runs, if you haven’t overdone it, you’ll be back to your normal routine."

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