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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Went up to the Ballpark 5K with Shel.Bob Anderson and I warmed up a bit together. It was cool with a slight breeze. I felt good on the pre-race jog but as soon as the race started I felt "something" in my right calf. By 90 seconds I was shutting things down. "Something" had become a stabbing pain. Ouch! I walked back and watched the race finish. If this is anything like my 4 calf pulls in 2008, it'll be 1-2 months of coming back. Rest then walking followed by walk-jogging and finally running again.

The good news was having breakfast with Shel, Bob, Catherine and Mike at The Java House. Great little out of the way place. Great prices and excellent food. Good company.

Right now I have to rest until I can walk without pain.

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