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Sunday, January 01, 2012


I took it easy this morning considering yesterday's workout. I got out door after 9 am and ran 50 minutes including super loops over at the college. I thought about running an hour but decided early on just to run 50 in the name of recovery.

It was New Year's day and it was deserted outside. A few fleeting cars on the road and the track was populated by a hand full of walkers and a large convention of geese. It is like I woke up in a future post apocalyptic, dystopian world where people had mostly disappeared but their buildings and roads still exist.

Anyway, back on the planet Earth: I realized I had made one big mistake. I overdressed. I wore my tights, long sleeve top, hat and gloves. It was cold when I woke up but warmed up rather quickly. By the time I finished it was in mid 50's. I was dressed for something in the low forties.

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