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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Thursday's workout was a recovery from just plain being tired. I ran and walked and hour. I used a 4-1 ratio which means four minutes of running to one minute of walking. Very Gallowayish. I ran over at WVC with Rick (now retired). Danny had a dental appointment and Tom is still walking (but feeling better),

I am thinking more and more about shifting to a three day running week.  I have been thinking about it for some time but now the time may have come. Between running, walking and elliptical, I wiped myself out.  No question that doing the elliptical on my supposed XT* days does not work. I simply don't recover. I am not sure the elliptical is in my future anyway because I am almost positive it is screwing up my back (go figure).

I have decided to try the treadmill (or the dread-mill as one colleague calls it). I'll do it on the afternoons that I run in the morning. We'll see how that works out. It'll be a chance to run a faster pace in a controlled environment. 7:42 on the dread mill is roughly an 8 pace on the roads.

These days walking is way too close to running not to have an effect. I am committed to walking Lucy. I can't not walk her. So I have to recognize that walking is a workout these days.

*XT   Cross Training

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