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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sort of a big day

I felt pretty good after limiting Saturday to walking. I ran around 15 minutes before hooking up with Dimitri over at Foothill College. We ran at an easy slog up Moody Road, cut off at the trail and kept running past the overhanging tree branch all the way up to the Vineyard. That was 35 minutes. Further than we traveled in the same time period last week. We took it easy coming back down the trail until we hit Moody and gradually picked it up. It took us 12 minutes to get back to the stop sign at Moody and the road into the campus. Most of it was at AT effort. Then we slow jogged back to the track.

62 more minutes for me added to the 15 I had already done. 77 total. So sort of a big day with some faster running.

The Foothill Track is below. In 1976 I ran a 10 flat 2 mile here. The next year I ran 9:58 in a solo effort at San Jose City Track and then a year later I blitzed a 9:44 at Los Gator Track.

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