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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

40 minutes

40 minutes today with Danny. He the victor of yesterday's club handicap race. We ran easy in the morning around WVC while he recounted his race. I was still feeling Sunday's AT run and Danny was tired from his race so we only did 3 x 100 at the finish.

"Kini" girl and her friends have disappeared from the volleyball area. Probably won't be back until next summer.

I did some age graded research on the mile. I have to run around 6:25 to equal the 5:19 I ran at age 50. A sub six is like running 4:24 as a youngster. I ran 4:31 at age 31. This won't be easy. For fast open and master runners those times may seem ridiculously easy but there's a day where they ain't. Ten years ago running sub six was an afterthought.

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