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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Another tempo run

I walked Lucy for a half hour and then jogged by a circuitous route to Blackberry Farm. I had decided to run a 15 minute tempo run. Five minutes longer than last weekend. My warmup was 18 minutes. I started closer to McClellan Ranch, running by last week's starting point and doing the loop up Byrne, down McClellan and snaking back through the ranch and into the Park. I ended up going all the way to the parking lot and circling it before time was up. I then jogged no walked 17 minutes to cool down.

My HR pretty much floated between 168-170 throughout the tempo part of the run. I felt in control and strong. It's more mental these days. My body is trying to get used to tempo effort after well over a year of not doing that effort ( a repetitive theme in my post competitive phase ).

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