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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Some threshold work

I took Friday and Saturday off except for Lucy walks. I had every intention of running on Saturday but the lure of coffee kept me glued to my carafe of black mud. I still showed up to watch the club workout and Thad breakfast afterward. But I did not run.

I felt more energetic on Sunday and ended up walking Lucy for a half hour and then running 55 minutes with Dimitri. He did his two mile run and I jumped in for 3 x 2 laps at what turned out to be AT or roughly 85% of max. I would run two laps, take off one and repeated that three times. The total was 11:36 for a mile and a half Of work. Looks pretty slow until I age graded it back to my fast days. It was almost spot on for threshold pace at age 30.

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