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Monday, July 14, 2008

1 X and 10 X

Joan sent me a message. Edited slightly to protect her identity.

Hi Rich,

I submitted my letter about 2 weeks ago, but last day will be 1 August.

In the long run (and justly as likely the short run), I think this is the best decision, considering that I have solid financial resources.

I definitely valued your input, and I think your instincts were *very* on. I did expose their total lapse in following up with me during my evaluation period -- this worked to my advantage.

Crummy boss is away for wedding ceremony and honeymoon.

With my appreciation to you, always!


Ann had the misfortune to be working for a two headed boss. Actually, two in a box. There was the so called good boss, who always deferred to the crummy boss. The crummy guy was one of those bigger than life types who was very slippery, non confrontational and ubiquitous. Always on the move, rarely in the office and a top flight seagull manager. Flies in, poops on your head and flies back out. If Joan had stayed in this job she would have been dying.

In fact there are a lot of good folks dying out there in the world of work (WOW).
Joan is lucky. She has money in the bank. She could leave a toxic situation like this.
Most people don't put GTH (Go To Hell) money in the bank. 6 - 12 months is usually enough.

My friend Ivan said it well.

1 x your annual take home and you don't owe anything to that job.

10 x and you don't owe anything to any job.

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