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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Running July 28-August 3


Was too zonked out to run on Monday after the trip back from Seattle so I went out this morning and ran an easy 76 minutes up the RR Tracks. I always feel a bit sluggish after hanging around hotel rooms and airports and today was no difference. But my HR stayed easily under 70% so I decided to just keep going.


Good day! Jake and I ran 3 up and backs in 25:13-24:52-24:40. I kept my HR average under 70% so that showed progress. The one negative was that my left, upper achilles was a tad sore after the second loop so I stuck an extra heel lift in on both sides and got through the last loops with no further problems. Since I have stayed away from the hills I have to wonder what is causing this set back. When I got home I ran another 5 minutes testing the damned thing and there was no problem.

My plan is to take it easy for the next week or two and try not to let this get away from me. I will stay on the flats and take walking breaks. Jake is traveling the next two weeks so I can run my own courses and monitor this.


I wrapped up my left lower calf and instep with Coban tape and did a 40 minute slow jog in the early afternoon. It was in the 70's but felt hotter. The good news, once again, was no problems with my calf. The bad news was that at one point in the run, I was sure that if I had started walking my pace would have remained the same. Slowly but surely my walking pace and running pace are converging.


I slept in (7:30 AM for me). Then I went out and jogged an easy 45 minutes keeping the HRM grooved at 130. The calf and achilles held up. I taped my arch and that was it. I had planned to run another 25-30 minutes in the afternoon but it was hot (80's) and I just decided that it wasn't worth it. Lesson learned. Get out early and get your running done. Doubtful these days that you will come back on a Saturday afternoon during the summer.

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