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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AT Run

Forbes Mill this morning. I ran one easy up and back in 24:30 never going over 70% of max. Jake showed up and wanted to bash a loop and I thought what in the heck did I have to lose so I went up again getting my HR up into the 85% range as quickly as possible. I stayed there up to the dam reaching it at just over 11 minutes and then came back down allowing my HR to drift up to 90% on occasion. I was back to the Mill in 21:17. Nothing outstanding but at least I accomplished two things.

1. I set a standard for that course.

2. It was my first run since late May that I pushed into AT so it was good to feel that effort again. No question that I could have run under 21 if I had not paid attention to the HRM.

I warmed down enough to make this 6 miles total.

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