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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Thoughts about Training (non runners can skip)

I walked 60 minutes today. Half of it with Amber, the amazing 12 year old Golden Retriever.

I was thinking more about what it is going to take for me to run "fast" again. Some of it I like and some it I don't like.

I need to drop weight. 135 pounds would be optimal.

The mile is my way back like it or not. If I can get my mile time down, all else will follow.

The key to the mile is getting my 400 meter time down. I need to gap the per lap pace of my date pace mile by about 15 seconds. So for example If I wanted to run a 5:40 mile which is 85 seconds per lap, it would help if I could run a 70 second 400.

The key to the 400 is sprint 100's. It's not important that I run these all out as much as it is important that they enable me to run a 70 second 400.

Strength can come from running over distance time trials and speed from running under distance trials plus those 100's. In a word I need to bracket the 1600 with 400, 800 and 3200 meter pace runs as well as 1600 meter trials. This isn't about doing intervals as much as trials.

Dimitri can help me. I can say to him, take me through a quick 400 and he is glad to do it. It is right down his alley anyway.

The rest of my running will be slow and easy. Steady running, while fun, tends to leave me in a state of constant fatigue. I will miss those progression runs. Good for the head but bad for the body.

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