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Friday, July 25, 2008

Running July 21-27

Sidewalks........My World


I ran 70 minutes but it was broken up by my having to pick up Amber, the twelve year old wonder dog, from the vet. I ran 50 minutes, went and picked up Amber and then ran another 20 minutes. The last half of the second run was really decent. The HRM did not bounce up as it did on Saturday mostly because it was cooler. Even when I moved along at a decent clip, the HRM stayed in the low 140's.


Jake and I ran at Forbes Mill. I think he is seeing the light. He insisted that we run slow, which was fine with me. We ran up and back 3 times staying in the 26's and 27's and keeping my HR under 150. Our total time out was 81 minutes and small change. At breakfast afterward, Jake told me not to let him forget this effort. His legs felt good and he had run 3 up and backs for the first time in a long time.


I ran 75 minutes this morning. Another slog run keeping my HR in the low to mid 140's. It was already feeling warm by the time I got out of the house just before 9 am. I ran up the RR tracks and added a loop to extend the distance. I kept thinking about bouncing a golf ball on cement and that kept much of the run on the dirt. Easier on my legs.

I still love cement though.

PS, Love cement.

We're flying up to Seattle Saturday for a wedding and I probably won't run up there so this is probably it for the week. If I can I will walk Sunday (if there is time).

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