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Monday, July 21, 2008

How to be Lawrence of Arabia

This is also an idea who's time has come. Lawrence was many things.

Straight, Gay, Bi? Who knows. Liked to have himself whipped.

A great influencer for sure. A loner of the first order. A Changer of history. A man who made something important happen. A person who dreamed with his eyes wide open and made his dream a reality.

Great movie even though Peter O'Toole was a head taller than the real Lawrence.

So these are some of the chapters.

How to speak Arabic
How to ride a camel
How to go long periods of time without water
How to influence people who initially don't give a dam about you
How to sleep on the ground
How to be British
How to be an Arab
How to shoot a gun
How to survive shooting your camel in the head (by mistake of course)
How to come in and out of a room without being noticed
How to be friends with women while avoiding sex
How to have friends in high places
How to write a BIG book
How to get your weight down under 100 pounds
How to find good servants
How to cross the Nefud, the worst desert in the world.
How to be a horses ass when ever you feel the yearning
How to dominate a meeting by being the last person to speak
How to be promoted from a lieutenant to a Colonel in 4 easy steps
How to go from Colonel to private
How to get along without money
How to think out of the box. Any box.
How to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

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Camdyn said...

You write very well.