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Friday, July 18, 2008

The New Job: The First Day

I always found it exciting to start a new job. Of course finding the bathrooms was critical unless you felt comfortable taking a piss in the parking lot or the memorial grove planted in remembrance of some departed employee. Usually a company HR person would walk me around and orient me to where the pit stop was. Above is Dale, HR weenie asking for my help in finding the toilets. She had just plain forgotten where they were located. The running water was a big clue. It also turned out to be a big problem.

Call the plumber!

I never really liked new hire orientation. It was the awkward day where you got the company spiel and signed all of that important paperwork. Then you are released to your hiring manager only to find that your phone ain't hooked up and your computer isn't connected.

So you sit there reading manuals and if you are lucky, you get to attend some unimportant meetings.

Of course I am very philosophical about the first day. I just keep smiling, don't complain and get past it. I know all to soon I will be involved and in the know so I might as well enjoy the brief respite from the heck (in place of Hell) of corporate life.

Taking a Xanax helps too.

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