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Monday, May 19, 2008

Asian Girl

Today was supposed to be run as easy as I could stand it but I ran a bit faster especially over at De Anza track where I finally caught up with Asian Girl. Turns out her name is Nadia and she likes pushing the pace. I was running BIG loops clockwise and noticed that we came by each other at roughly the same point on each circuit so I reversed direction, did a few 100 meter pickups and caught her going up the hill. She immediately surged as I came up on her shoulder and I finally said "You surged!". She laughed and asked what that meant but I knew that she already knew. After I told her anyway she laughed again. Then she introduced herself and we continued running doing a few hard laps together while chatting away.

I finally told her that she was wearing me out. Actually I was feeling OK but was thinking about Wednesday's run and how I was really not running a recovery effort. I said good-bye and headed back to my house. 65 minutes total.

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