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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome To My World

Jake and I met on Douglas across the street from the college. At least for now the days of my buying a parking pass seem to be gone. The weather was already warming up before I had dropped a foot on the pavement. We slow trotted Douglas-Saratoga while Jake regaled me with his tale of being paved over as the boys track and field coach at Mitty. Seems that they were going in another direction. It meant he could continue as the boys cross country coach but he was out as far as track and field were concerned.

Neither of us had had a great last night's sleep. Jake kept rolling the coaching situation over and over in his mind and I was up and down much of the night thinking about my own problems. The fact that it was warm hadn't helped.

We arrived at the track and did some striders and launched our first of two 800's. I ran the first lap in 98 feeling very sluggish. I then picked up the second lap but the plain fact was that I was simply running harder for the same time. I came across in 3:16 and leaned over breathing rather hard. Jake ran 3:24.

We jogged and walked two laps and went at it again. Whatever it was going to be the relief was that it was only two of 'em.

Once we started, I immediately felt better going through the first lap in 96. Then I just gradually picked it up ghosting away from Jake and running a 3:06. Jake came in 11 seconds later.

So 3:16-3:06. Not very uniform. Sort a negative split rep workout. 3:11 average. That made it about a 6:31-6:38, 1600 meter trial level effort. I guess it could be called progress. Better than the 4 x 400 I ran last week but definitely leaving room for improvement.

We reversed our warm up and jogged back to our cars.

The breakfast group was sparse. We were in and out in under an hour.

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