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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forbes Mill Again

I showed at 8 AM. Sunny but in the low 50's. It was almost perfect weather. A slight breeze blowing up the trail but not enough to slow you down.

Jake was already there having done his usual warm up run ahead of time. We quietly did the first loop in 24:45 a much more sensible effort that last week when I ran in the low 23's. I could tell Jake was sucking wind though. Another tough night's sleep. He eventually related to me that the drama around the coaching situation over at Mitty continues. He was grinding it up in his mind and it was screwing up his sleep and sapping his energy. Just like the rest of us!

He stuck on his headphones and we headed up for our second loop. I felt like I was just gliding along but he continued to suck that wind. This one was a hair over 23 flat and I felt better than I did on the last one.

"That's it for me," Jake said after we stopped.

"OK," I said, "I will be right back," and launched myself up the trail for that last up and back. I hit the turnaround in just under 11 flat (just ghosting along) and kept the same effort all the back to the last 400 and then picked it up coming in at 20:40.

I felt all around, pretty good and at least after we had had breakfast and got up to walk out of the restaurant, I felt little or no stiffness in my legs. But then there is always that delayed muscle soreness thing which creeps up later on.

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