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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best Yet

Forbes Mill progression run. 3 up and back's. Cool weather. Only a little breeze. Almost perfect.


Best yet. Could have been better.

Jake dropped out during the 3rd loop. I never saw him. He was behind me from the beginning. The early pace on the first two loops plus the fact that he did not really rest on Tuesday sunk him (again). I paid the price for running too hard on Monday. I was slightly leg weary but was strong enough to handle it. The thing was, had I not run so aggressively Monday I might have run the last loop today even faster.

Next Monday I either run without a watch on a course I know or I run by the clock and not the watch. Once I click on the stopwatch, I seem to want to run faster than the last time which is nice, but is not the point.

I am getting the sense that Jake is going to get drawn back into coaching which could put a crimp in our Wednesday running. With me perhaps going back into an interim job for one of my clients, it could be a two way street.

Maybe we just move the days around and keep the spread. We'll see.

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