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Saturday, May 31, 2008


OK, I may have paid the price today for running too hard Monday and running easy on Friday. Jake and I met over at WVC and did our 25 minute warm up run. Then we hit the track for 2 x 800. I was uninspired and so ran the first two laps with Jake. I pulled away from him with about 100 meters to go.

My time was 3:21 which was truly underwhelming. Jake was 3 seconds back.

We did a two lap jog-walk and as we approached the second rep I told Jake that I was going to hang back and let him take off first. I figured I would just use him as bait to draw me along a bit quicker because I was definitely disengaged. Jake took off and I let him get through the first turn before I launched myself.

I caught Jake at about the 300 meter point and went through the 400 at 91. I picked it up slightly. It was an effort but I held back something in reserve most of the way around finally letting it hang out in the last 100 meters. I cleared the finish in 2:59. Jake ran 3:20.

Sooooo..... 3:21-2:59.

3:10 average. One second per 800 faster than the last time. I guess it was sort of a full court shot with 3 seconds left on the clock.

Jake grumbled at breakfast that he was thinking about firing his coach again and adding in a couple more days of running.

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