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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun Running

I realize as I spend time reading Cool Running and a few other forums that most runners either have little talent or the drive to make running anymore than a small part of their busy life. I can't say I blame them. Balance is OK. In a way I have slipped down the ladder as far as commitment is concerned. In the 70's it seemed like everyone who ran was trying to get faster. I know that wasn't totally true but the "we're all winners" concept was not in full force.

I mostly run every other day

I have really lost intererst in running hard.

I don't run races much anymore. When I do go, I wear my HRM and don't go over 90% which is at best a tempo run. Also I don't have to sandbag before or after a race. I know I am not going to run hard so no excuses are needed.

I don't particularly want to coach, especially kids. Way too flakey just the way I was at their age. Ju-Nut did me in with her lack of focus and commitment. She is running this year but slower than last. She has run through coaches who care more than she does so one is pushing her. If she runs at BYU, either her commitment will need to change or she'll be a bench wafrmer and in running that isn't good.

Marathons are futher away from me than climbing Everest. I have no plans on climbing Everest.

All in all, I feel OK about where things are these days. I was fast on a local level. I had my time. I have slowed faster than the curve and won't and can't do anything about it. I am faster than almost all my peers from the 1970's and early 80's and generally slower than the runners in my age group who came up much later (fresher legs).

So from here on out (seriously now) it's long slow running with club runs or races at sub-AT or AT efforts. If I get faster than I am right now by going down this path, then fine. If not, the inevitable will happen anyway. Age is a relentless competitor and always wins.

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