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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I took my usual day off from running. Actually I mostly hid out and only left the house to have lunch with Dave. Otherwise I did nada unless surfing the internet and watching TV are considered something. Amber has diarrhea so I did take her over to the vets just to make sure it wasn't serious (seems not to be). I don't
mind scooping poop but scooping diarrhea is something else.

Hey let's eat!

Amber seemed non plussed about the whole thing......Appetite is good and her nose is wet and she is playful. The only thing she hates is the HOUSE OF PAIN (aka..the vets).

It's Halloween and I brought down two big bags of candy for the kids who will be "mobbing" our house tonight.

I thought some on slowly increasing my running (every other day) and seeing if I can slow the slow that way. But I don't trust myself. Now why do I do 25-30 mpw. It's because I WILL do it almost without fail. It was the same with 60-65 mpw in my best days. I would do it. That was key. I can play the I will run more game but I know it's a losing cause. I just wonder how Ed Whitlock talked himself into running 2-3 hours a day. I mean life is good but 2-3 hours on a one-third mile loop over and over?

I can't imagine running 2-3 hours a day every other day which would be about 45-50 mpw average. I guess I could try and see what it is like. All slow of course with races as speedwork.

Monday-Wednesday-Saturday: 2-3 hours of running

Friday could be one hour. That would be the easy day. GULP!

Or just go every other day literally for months. 2-3 hours every other day.

I could call it Every-other-day-Whitlock.

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