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Saturday, October 21, 2006


The club ran the Triangle course (4.76).

After warming up for 3 miles I decided to pace Jake. The conditions were bordering on cool but the sky was clear. If there was any wind, I didn't notice it. Jake took off fast and I didn't really catch up to him until we were out of the college and heading down Fruitvale. My HRM was in the 150's pretty quickly but stayed there for about a mile and half. On Saratoga the course begin to climb very lsightly and so did my HR. It still stayed in the high 150's all the way to Highway 9 where the hills get steep. Then it gradually climbed into the 160's and stayed there up the long hill. Jake ran a pretty even effort because my HRM did not vary much once we settled in to a section of the course. Tim had passed Jake just past the mile and gapped him but gradually Jake made up the difference and by the time we turned on Fruitvale with a little over a mile to go, Jake really began to push and my HRM repsonded by going up to 171-173 which is 85% of my max. Tim seemed to sense it and pushed too. I just stayed back slightly watching these two duel it out all the way down to the college. 23 years ago this would have been at a sub 5 pace but these days it was sub 7, BUT IT LOOKED THE SAME.

Finally Tim pulled away but only slightly and I glided up next to him and we finished together with Jake a few seconds back.

For me this was at best an 80-85% run but that was OK. It fit in well with how I wanted to run. Sub-AT.

Afterwards we jogged slowly around the campus so the day's total was around 9.5 miles.

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