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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

40 minutes

I finally got back to Forbes Mill (picture above) and ran with Jake doing one up and back in the mid 24's. My calf held up OK and I ran the next 16 minutes over at the track to hit 40 minutes total. It's all a crap shoot. I am not running hard and I am not pushing the pace. But I am testing the darn thing to see if it will hold up.

Jake locked his key in the car so after breakfast, I drove him over to where his wife works and he drove her car home to get his spare key. I also found a check I never cashed from one gig. $4,500 sitting in my trunk for 6 months! The accounts payable person told me she would issue another check. I will shred the old one. So found money amongst the investment market turmoil.

I took a day off from work. Frankly it was nice not to have to be up there. I needed a real break which I define as a day other people have to work and I choose to take the day off. Now a couple of five hour days and I am home for the weekend.

This has been a very strange time for me. Between work and life in general I feel like I have spun out of orbit. I guess it's some sort of test. I must be testing me since I don't really believe in a higher "testing" power. But that check. It showed up at the right time so maybe someone up there likes me.

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