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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Great Game

Strange day.

I talked to the CEO of my client for 90 minutes this morning via cell phone at his request. On my strong recommendation, HR may end up reporting to him. This would be a shock to the CFO. He will have to know that I was behind it so I may actually be ejected without quitting. I promised the CFO that I would hold off saying anything about leaving until he has a talk with the CFO. I had planned to leave so I have nothing to lose. If the CEO blinks it is over for both me and HR.

This is sort of exciting. It is the very right thing for both the client and HR and I gain little from it because I am not the future VP of HR for the company. What I get is the satisfaction of trying to make the right thing happen. HR exists in such a limited scope it literally does not exists except as a clerical entity. But the potential is there but not if it stay reporting to finance. Little more than a side show of a side show.

But I am betraying the CFO, who brought me in. But then it is the CFO who in turn is betraying the company because of his limited understanding of HR.

This is the great game. I am truly on the razor's edge of corporate politics and way out of bounds for a consultant.

Born to be surrounded.

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