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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now I stop and turn

Next week is the end of fear for it is that which keeps us from chance taking. Tom and I spoke at breakfast today about that which keeps us from enacting change especially if that which we need to change is destructive to us.

Those who did not run from Thermopylae or from the Alamo. We remember them to this day for their courage. We do not remember well those that ran away.

Tom asked why it is so hard to change.

I believe it is a combination of wanting to be comfortable and also fear of what unknown thing lies on the other side of that change. Something that we can't see. We hang on to that which feels safe rather than risk change.

It is really silly that we fear change because, in time, it will be thrust on us anyway.

I find it almost comical that I am hanging onto a job that I hate when I have happily walked away from work that I loved.

I have been running away again. Now I stop and turn. The running is over.


I upped my running to 45 minutes.


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