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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crossover Day

It seems very strange but I am actually adjusting the client's work environment. Tuesday was the crossover day. With D walking out and the market crashing, I suddenly went calm or maybe it was resolute. I took a long Wednesday off and then came on Thursday. The work load hadn't changed. Not really. But suddenly it seemed that I was n control of the ship again.

Email traffic is about half of what it used to be because D and I pushed hard for a self service model and if she was here just long enough to help with that, it made a difference. I met the CEO Thursday. He sought my advice. We agreed to talk some more in the future. In a moment I could see the possibilities. But the job is still paper heavy to a fault and it still reports to the CFO. So I will still leave.

Shel asked me to stop looking at my accounts. "Give it two weeks," he asked. "You'll go nuts otherwise." He is right especially given my need to distance myself from it

I still contemplate a long term contract or a job. Going back inside for some steady money and benefits. Sue doesn't think I should do it. I have challenged her to tell me how we can live on a budget. Maybe extended cable goes. We cut to the bone. Keep the gardener, get rid of the housekeeper. Alex begins to pay his own freight. He is willing. I keep working part time. Reverse mortgage. I move to Kaiser if the cost is really lower.

It's the way of the warrior.

Not very enlightened but neither was losing the money we did over the past several weeks.


In the morning on Friday, I ran my 5 mile course in 47 minutes and change. No pushing of the pace and it still isn't very fast, just faster than last week or the week before.

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