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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Contractor's can't fight back

Contractor's can't fight inter-office wars unless they have been specifically hired for that purpose. Since I wasn't, there are only two options.

1. Stay and get beat up. I don't mind getting bombed but not if I don't have a chance of winning and in this case i don't have a particle of a chance.

2. Vote with my feet and leave. This is prudent. The question comes down to not if but when. In other words how quickly. if you can't strike back or if you won't strike back then it is best to evaporate into the landscape.

N ripped us a new one today sending us a shouting email about a piece of paperwork she didn't get on a new hire. It's all very high schoolish or maybe even middle school. It's not worthy of that level of attention but if the truth be told, this blog has been filled with this crap for the past seven weeks. This blog helps me exorcise the frustration because I want to fight back but my code of consulting says that is not an option.

So it is leave.


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