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Monday, September 01, 2008

Mojo Running

It's time to get serious! I ran 28 minutes today elliptically circling my yuppie class neighborhood. Of course my running feels a bit more like I am lurching along but I am sure I will get a handle on my mojo and begin to float. I am just not there right now.

Good news on the political front.

Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol is pregnant and in their conservative, christian heart of hearts her parent are forcing her to marry the father. Of course they didn't actually say she was forced but given the parent's background, why else would you think it is a good idea for a a girls that young to get married. Let's see. If consenting adults have only a 50-50 chance of staying married i wonder what the odds are for a 17 year old girl?

Politics and business life are very much the same.

IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! Even when it's not.

On the Afghan front, my good friend's son is starting to sound jaded in his emails. He is a medic in the army. Good kid. I met him some time back. GREAT parents and a good kid but after a month in that God forsaken place he is sucking on marijuana and already sounding very angry. I never served. I was 4-F. I didn't want to go but back then we had no choice. There was a draft so thousands of us had to go to Vietnam to defend the world for democracy. I just was one of the lucky ones. My friends who went, survived and came back mostly changed. My good buddy Ed (A wonderful guy by the way) drifted away. Driven up a hill in Vietnam with his Montenyards, he had do call in an airstrike on his position to survive. They dug and waited as the US Air force drenched the hill in napalm.

That changed Ed. One evening after he came back his parents threw a coming home party. After everyone left I sat in the backyard, kept my mouth shut and listened to Ed spill his guts.

I carry my scars too. One of my high school classmates borrowed a pencil from me. When he handed it back the lead stabbed into the soft fleshy side of my right hand. Not his fault. I reached back and didn't look. He wasn't holding the pencil by the point but rather by the eraser. The mark stayed with me and is still there four decades later. That fellow student died in Vietnam but I remember him. I carry that mark. I see it every day.

I hate war and unnecessary wars most of all.

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