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Friday, September 12, 2008

42 minutes of happiness

I ran 42 minutes this morning. It was cool and overcast and I just needed to shake out the work stress. I didn't walk Amber. I needed time to myself but she gave me the flinty eyed sad face when I came back in so tomorrow we'll be out doing our walk before I run again.

We're getting the chill treatment at work. We stood up against BIG N and she was caught in more than few lies. But in the name of peace her bosses did absolutely nothing. The good news is that both D and I have decided that this was it. Working there has become a series of Munich's (1938 style). Appeasement. That stopped yesterday.

So I will go in next week and give notice. Maybe 2-3 weeks max. But after that I am out. The price in aggravation is too high. I should have done it this past week. I don't fit every culture (even though I can adapt to almost anything). I have had at least 3 or 4 prior contracts over the past seven years where I did not want to adapt. This is simply the next one. The sweatshop mentality is out of balance. When you don't have senior level leadership that is effective the next level is dominated by junior people, then this is what happens.

I am fairly fried and at the bottom of it, I simply do not have the reserves to hang in there. The ever crashing tide of incoming paperwork plus the hostile environment is wearing me down. I will leave others to solve it. The last year and a half has been spotty. A year too long at my 3 year client, two bad "fit" contracts and now a 3rd one.I need to be regroup. Not give up. Just regroup.

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