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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Forbes Mill Again..........Also Leaving

Went to Forbes Mill this morning and did an easy up and back in just under 26 minutes. Then I followed a tired Jake up for another loop but Jake stopped at the top (we hit the turnaround in about 11:40) while while I kept the same even effort back down to finish in 21:43. This is my first harder effort since June. It was nothing special but given the ravages of time, who knows, one of these days I may look back fondly on a sub 22 minute loop.

In the late afternoon, for some unknown reason, I went back to the track and ran another scintillating 9:41 mile. About 57 minutes for the day.


I have decided to leave my present client. It is way too toxic. I will give decent notification to the CFO but it is time for me to move on. I am thinking that either the 10th or 17th of October will be it. It will force him to finally hire someone or at least bring in another contractor. It just can't be me. I have fully come to realize that I was just doing it for the money and no longer for my belief about keeping commitments. The target has moved so often in the last 8 weeks that I know longer know what it is that I am committed to.

I would like to find out what the next thing is so I must leave. I realize that I cannot succeed if I stay. There needs to be a path and in this place none exists from where I presently stand.

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